UK 4G: The Current Situation (As of 23/10/2012)

So it’s been a whole apple event since the last Current Situation post, so let’s have a look at what’s changed:

Everything Everywhere

The 30th of October is going to be a big day for EE: It’s the date they’ve picked for their Initial 4G Rollout to selected cities. They’ve also got their pricing structure set up and released. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more pricey than if you were to stick with 3G, but that’s the price you play for the bleeding edge. Let’s have a look a bit more into the pricing:

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Apple iPad Mini Event: Post-event roundup

So, the event is over; lets have a look at what matches up with the pre-event roundup!

iPad Mini: Confirmed

The rumours seemed to be pretty much bang on: for the most part. That $249 price I said seemed to low: I was correct. It’s a 7.9″ tablet that starts at $329 (or £269 over here in the UK), but it seems to be overall a more premium product than the rumours had it suggest, with the A5 chip, LTE options and a 5mp rear Camera. The speculated 1024×768 resolution to allow compatibility with existing iPad apps was correct, and even the name of iPad Mini. LTE was also confirmed to be compatible with EE. Pre-orders start this Friday (26th) with the first batch of WiFi only models to start shipping on November 2nd.

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Apple iPad Mini Event: Pre-event roundup

Update: Want to see how these rumours and predictions panned out? Check out the full Post-event roundup

As of 18:00 (GMT +1) tonight, apple are holding another event in California. The last one was undoubtedly for the new iPhone (which we now know was to be called the iPhone 5) and pretty much held no secrets: almost all the details had leaked beforehand, including a few device mockups. Considering this considerable accuracy in leaks, here’s a few things that are likely to come up tonight.

iPad Mini

The tagline of this event is We’ve got a little more to show you. Many are interpreting the ‘little’ to be the keyword in this, though there is another interpretation that matches with some other rumours that i’ll mention further down. Continue reading

Everyday Electronics: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Welcome to Everyday Electronics, a feature where I will (hopefully!) try and discuss how electronics products are to use in real life, rather than the standard review of using it for a couple of weeks. This time: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I’ve had my gnex for almost six months now. At this point, it’s coming up in the next couple of months to being a year old phone. It had a fair few firsts (ICS, 720p screen, etc) but it’s no longer the bleeding-edge product it once was. So how is it after all this time?

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The Great Price Divide: UK vs US Phone Pricing

A situation i find myself explaining to people here in the UK is how the US is different in phone pricing. The most many people will see over here is, for example, the recent iPhone 5 prices: $199, $299 and $399 for the 16, 32 and 64gb models (respectively), with the 4S down to $99 and the 4 down to free. Translated into our money, going by the current figure of $100 USD being about £62 GBP, the cost for what will arguably be most popular model, the 16gb variant is about £124. Considering the only currently advertised prices for the iPhone 5 in the UK start at £529 for the 16gb model, this is quite a disparity. But it’s not just the UK having things more expensive than usual, actually quite the opposite for once. To explain this, we have to look at things in a little more detail.

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