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Why Deus Ex 3 is the best game i’ve played this year

As i mentioned on twitter a while ago, i recently played through Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which is just easier to refer to as deus ex 3 or DE3) which i managed to borrow off my brother. It’s been one of those games that i’ve had half an interest in; one of those games that you wouldn’t buy on initial release, but wouldn’t mind picking up at a good price. I’ve alluded to the fact that it plays like a mix of Metal Gear Solid and Metro 2033 (actual normal play more like Metro than MGS, but there’s certainly a good few MGS elements in there), though there’s a bit of Borderlands in there too. And the inventory seems to have been nicked from Resident Evil. But it’s a unique enough game in its own right that i wanted to pen down a few things about the game and my playthrough.

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