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Splitting a large file using PHP

A while ago, I was presented with a somewhat unique problem. I had an automatically generated log file, with a size of 1.2gb (Never let your log files get this massive, kids.) With a file that massive, it becomes very annoying to try and read – most programs will require to load the entire file into RAM in order to read it. Alternate software to read it was an exercise in futility too – nothing seemed to be able to read it fast enough (or at all, in many cases), thanks to the same RAM problem. So i struck upon the idea of splitting the file down into chunks that actually would be readable. And as with most of my bulk processing needs, i once again turned to PHP. Here’s the solution that I came up with:

 $file = new SplFileObject("test_dump.sql");
 $count = 0;
 $lines = "";
 while (!$file->eof()){
  $lines.= $file->fgets(). "\r\n";
  if($count % 100 == 0){
   // write to file
   $output = new SplFileObject('dump'.$count.'.txt', 'w');
   //reset lines to be blank
   $lines = "";

The script makes use of SplFileObject(), an Object Oriented class for handling files, which has a very useful advantage over the older fopen() or file_get_contents() functions – It can read files line by line. This allows the script to essentially load (in this example) 100 lines into a variable, and then dump it into an incrementally named file, which can be easily read. It’s not the most sophisticated solution, but it’s fairly fast, and gets around RAM limitations.

Building The Wingdings Game

If you didn’t know, I recently built a game called The Wingdings Game based on an odd idea born out of a group meeting. The game loads a set grid of random wingdings symbols, with one smiley face. You have to find the smiley face to win the level. Each level has increasing size grids, along with a hard mode where all the symbols are faces.

You can find the game here: http://nxrk.co.uk/wingdings/

Below is a few notes and observations from building this game:

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