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Why Person of Interest is my new favourite show

Somehow we finally ended up watching through Person of Interest in a few days recently, and now, i’m completely hooked. I need more. It’s been on our radar for a while, for three reasons:

  1. Michael Emerson – in the past couple of months I finally convinced Liz to watch through Lost. Fans of the show will recognise Michael Emerson for his portrayal of Ben Linus, one of the oddest characters in the entire show. Which is fairly impressive in a show full of oddities. It’s the first thing i saw him in, but it was a memorable performance to say the least, so the chance to see him in other stuff? Definitely.
  2. Jonathan Nolan – Some people might recognise the Nolan name, thanks to Christopher Nolan. More specifically, what he’s done with Batman. Also, Inception. Jonathan Nolan worked on the screenplay of both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises with Christopher Nolan. So yeah, he’s certainly got some experience writing awesome stuff. More importantly though, the two Nolans both worked together on my favourite film of all time, The Prestige. So a TV series he’s worked on? Gotta be worth a watch.(Brief synopsis of The Prestige for those who haven’t seen it: BATMAN AND WOLVERINE FIGHT WITH MAGIC TRICKS PROVIDED BY DAVID BOWIE. Yeah, now you understand why it’s the greatest film ever. )
  3. JJ Abrams is a producer. Disregarding his film work (Except the new Star Trek films. I liked the new Star Trek. quite a bit. I’m looking forward to Into Darkness), he’s responsible for Alias, Lost, and Fringe. All three shows that we’re fond of. So anything he’s working on, probably worth at least paying attention to.

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