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Why the Xbox One isn’t good value for money; or why PC is still the better choice.

Microsoft announced the pricing of the Xbone: $499 US. Or £429. Which is a pretty ridiculous price for us here in the UK. £429 isn’t a small amount of money at all. In fact, that much money is budget gaming PC territory.

A quick browse through eBuyer and within 5 minutes I’ve sorted this comparable build:


I’ve tried to make it match up with some of the Xbone specs. 8 core cpu? 6 is probably still four too many. 8GB Ram? Not shared between everything, but check. Powerful GPU? Check, and probably a bit more oomph than the Xbone’s APU. 7.1 channel sound? Check. 500gb HDD? Check. Black case? Check, and probably better quality too. Blu-ray? Check.  The only major feature it really seems to be missing is the new Kinect, which is probably what’s driving the price up so much.

I’m also 100% sure this isn’t the best value PC build you could make for the money either. I’m interested to see other people’s builds with an Xbone budget. Bonus points if you can can save enough money for some dog stickers. But if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to start PC gaming? With the next gen of consoles, now’s probably the best time it’s ever been to make the switch.

Why Deus Ex 3 is the best game i’ve played this year

As i mentioned on twitter a while ago, i recently played through Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which is just easier to refer to as deus ex 3 or DE3) which i managed to borrow off my brother. It’s been one of those games that i’ve had half an interest in; one of those games that you wouldn’t buy on initial release, but wouldn’t mind picking up at a good price. I’ve alluded to the fact that it plays like a mix of Metal Gear Solid and Metro 2033 (actual normal play more like Metro than MGS, but there’s certainly a good few MGS elements in there), though there’s a bit of Borderlands in there too. And the inventory seems to have been nicked from Resident Evil. But it’s a unique enough game in its own right that i wanted to pen down a few things about the game and my playthrough.

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